Few Site updates – Autec Wheels Added, Fiesta M1-Mk7 Sections Enhanced

The team at AlloyWheelFinder.com have been busy trying to add new content to our website to help improve our website. This is to make sure we offer the biggest selection of cheap alloys at the best prices available online.

Here are a few changes we've made to our website:

New Brands Added:

We now list a great range of Autec Wheels for sale.

Other brands we've recently added are: Hartge Alloys page

Page Updates:

Our Ford Fiesta Alloy Wheels page now includes all model years from 1976 until 2017 for MK1 until MK7 Vehicles. As soon as there is a range of alloys for sale for the next generation of Fiesta, we will be added this to our site.

We've also enabled an option so you can browse wheels by wheel size too. This should help our customers visiting our website find any model or size of Fiesta wheels they need.

Other pages updated include; Audi Alloys (we've added some performance models such as the RS5). Alfa Romeo Alloys (now lists all models)

We are working hard on improving our entire website to make it easier to find and by adding valuable alloy wheel content. We aim to be the best website for alloy wheels online.

If you would like to see anything else listed on our website or are struggling to find what you are looking for, then please let us know.

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