The Downside To Upgrading Your Alloy Wheels – What They Don’t Tell You!

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Alloy Wheels are one of the best ways to improve the look of your car. It can also make the car feel different to drive, but there are other important downsides to consider before you go ahead and purchase a new set of Alloys...

  1. Increased Insurance Premiums

    Do car modifications such as alloy wheels really affect your car insurance premium?

    Yes, most insurance companies will require you to notify them of any modification to your car and aftermarket alloy wheels will count as a modification. If you brought a new car and upgraded the wheels at the dealership, and providing they are manufacturer wheels then your insurer would most likely cover you without any need for modifying your insurance policy.

    It is always worth calling up your insurance company and checking. It’s better to find out before you buy a new set of alloys rather than later find out your stolen wheels aren’t covered!How much will my insurance premium go up by?Generally Alloy Wheels will add between 8 & 18% to the insurance policy, source:

    Follow this simple rule: If your car becomes more desirable, then your premiums will go up.

    Insurance companies work on risk basis, so if your car is more desirable, then it is more likely to be classified as higher risk.

  2. Decreased Fuel Economy

    While some alloy wheels may actually save you money on your fuel bills (if they are lighter or you are switching from steel wheels) the majority of wheel upgrades will have an impact on your fuel bills since most alloys purchased are generally for a bigger size with lower profile tyres. The wider/bigger the wheel size then generally this will increase your fuel costs, however it may not be that noticeable, but something to consider.

  3. Harder Ride

    The comfort of the ride with bigger alloy wheels will give you a harder ride since bigger alloys usually require lower profile tyres. Although they do look better like this, it can affect how the car feels to drive. You may feel every bump. Many people going for bigger alloys prefer the sportier feel of the road. The look is an added bonus but for some could be too much of a compromise.

  4. Expensive Tyre Costs

    Tyres can be very expensive, almost as much as alloy wheels can be, when opting for bigger lower profile tyres. Also they usually wear down quicker than a standard tyre may do.

  5. Risk of Getting them Stolen

    Alloy wheels are more desirable to theives as they can sell them for good profit on the after market.

As long as you are aware of the potential disadvantages of upgrading your alloy wheels and make sure you are covered then upgrading your wheels does not have to be a major issue or concern. There are many advantages too such as the look, the sportier drive, feeling the road, the grip etc.

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