Renault Kwid Racer R Alloy Wheels – Copycat of Ford Focus ST RS Alloys

The Renault Kwid is a very popular town car hitting the roads in India since the tail end of 2015. Recently at the New Delhi Motor Show Renault revealed the Kwid Racer R which has already seen over 100,000 orders since initial launch. That’s pretty impressive figures. Here at we were interested to see the nice set of alloy wheels featured on the new Kwid Racer which caught our attention. Aren’t these the same or very similar to the wheels found on the Ford Focus ST?
Here is a picture of the Renault Kwid from the New Delhi Auto Show:

Renault Kwid Racer R Alloy Wheels

Here is the Ford Focus ST Alloys:

ford st alloys

Spot any difference?

Either way, we think the Kwid Racer R looks great, especially with these alloy wheels. If you too want to pimp out your Renault with some Ford ST alloys, check out these below. Alternatively view the rest of the Renault Alloy Wheels range here.

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