The Queens Diamond Jubilee Bentley Up for Sale for £200,000 English Pounds!

Do you have a spare £200k lying around and want to invest in a Bentley Mulsanne which was used by the Queen for the past couple of years.

Queens Bentley Mulsanne

The car is being sold via the Bramley Motor Cars group “which has an interesting history” as it says on the Bramley website.

This is a very rare opportunity to buy a car which will clearly grow in value. It was first used to take the Queen to her Diamond Jubilee celebrations and has since only done almost 6,000 miles.

Imagine owning this Bentley, smell the leather seats that the queen once sat on, cruise around as if you were royalty. Tell your friends “One’s car used to be for Elizabeth, you know Queen lizzy!”

The car can zoom ahead from the traffic lights and break most London speed limits with a 0-60mph in 5.1 seconds!

The Queen currently has 2 other Bentley limo’s in her fleet, each valued at £10m each. So for a fraction of the price you can get the 3rd one which is currently on the market for any investor/collector or Bentley lover.

To top it off, the car has 21 inch alloy wheels. These alone would fetch you back about £3000. We think the car would look better pimped up with some bentley mulsanne alloy wheels.

Don't worry, we are sure the Queen will put the sale money back to good use!

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